Popular Is Not Enough: The Political Voice Of Joan Baez. Markus Jaeger
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Название: Popular Is Not Enough: The Political Voice Of Joan Baez

Автор: Markus Jaeger

Издательство: Автор

Жанр: Социальная психология


isbn: 9783838275567

isbn: 0


Markus Jaeger explores the coalescence of Joan Baez's work as a singer and songwriter with her endeavors as a political activist throughout the last sixty years. He illustrates an American popular singer's significance as a political activist—for her audiences and for her opponents as well as for those victims of politically organized violence who have profited from her work. Mingling popular culture with political activism can be a helpful means to achieve non-violent societal progress: Joan Baez’s work offers an excellent example for this hypothesis. Revised and updated edition, with an additional chapter on Joan Baez’s artistic and political endeavours in the 2010s.

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