Daisychain Summer. Elizabeth Elgin
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Название: Daisychain Summer

Автор: Elizabeth Elgin

Издательство: HarperCollins

Жанр: Зарубежные любовные романы


isbn: 9780008271190

isbn: 0


The Sequel toI’ll Bring you Buttercups.WITH PAIN COMES JOYThe legacy of the Great War has haunted and changed the lives of both Upstairs and Downstairs society. For spirited and resourceful Alice Hawthorne, ex-sewing-maid, ex-Lady Sutton and now happily married to gamekeeper Tom Dwerryhouse, fortune shines on that union and brings forth an adorable daughter, Daisy. But will the complex life of her mother affect Daisy's future?WHEN OLD WAYS GIVE WAY TO NEWBrilliantined bounder Elliot Sutton has been ordered to mend his wayward ways by his dominant mother, Clementina. Will marriage to Anna Petrovska, the beautiful Russian aristocrat, produce a much needed Pendenys heir? And will dignified and genteel Julia Sutton pick up the pieces of her shattered life?THE FOUNDATION FOR THE FUTURENow there's a new generation of Suttons who must look life in the eye. Will the sins of one generation be visited upon by the next?

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