One on One. Группа авторов
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Название: One on One

Автор: Группа авторов

Издательство: Ingram

Жанр: Здоровье


isbn: 9781938413193

isbn: 0


From Grapevine , the international journal of Alcoholics Anonymous, stories from AA members In One on One , you’ll find sincere and uplifting stories from the contributors to Grapevine magazine about the joys and challenges of sponsorship, the many ways it takes shape, and how it’s considered to be vital to staying sober—and to live a happy life. Through trials and tribulations of everyday life, to times when one is facing what may seem like an insurmountable challenge, a sponsor and sponsee who meet as equals have a unique and powerful partnership. A common thread that connects the letters and essays in this collection is the kindness, friendship and steadfast support that so many have found with their sponsor or sponsee—a helping hand when it was needed the most. There is no right or wrong way to sponsor, only suggestions. Each AA sponsor and sponsee finds their own path.

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