Expand Beyond Your Current Culture. Leslie Short
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Название: Expand Beyond Your Current Culture

Автор: Leslie Short

Издательство: Ingram

Жанр: Управление, подбор персонала


isbn: 9781947540149

isbn: 0


Successful diversity and inclusion requires D&I programs that are strategic and proactive, with unlimited vision, part of an overall organizational culture. Unfortunately, most approaches to diversity and inclusion haven’t been successful – half of all workers from underrepresented groups experience bias every day at work even though their organizations have diversity programs in place. So what should organizations do?In Expand Beyond Your Current Culture , Leslie Short examines the continually evolving D&I challenges that organizations face and shows leaders how to ensure that all employees have opportunities to express who they are and are comfortable doing so. In an engaging, conversational style she offers tips on how to think differently about diversity and inclusion to achieve a sustainable, diverse and inclusive workplace.In this inspiring new book you’ll discover: Why many D&I programs haven’t worked and what you can do differently New ways to think about cultural differences and how unconscious and implicit bias affects the workplace The understanding of Nothing About Us Without Us How to identify D&I needs and measure progress in meeting them How to engage in meaningful conversations about diversity and inclusion with others in the organization Ways to ensure that your company culture matches what it says about diversity and inclusion What your organization needs to do to clearly demonstrate its commitment to diversity and inclusion How to educate and sensitize not only senior leaders but all employees What tools that senior leaders, D&I directors, and employees need to succeed How organizations in other countries are approaching corporate diversity and inclusion

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