Cloud Computing Solutions. Группа авторов
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Название: Cloud Computing Solutions

Автор: Группа авторов

Издательство: John Wiley & Sons Limited

Жанр: Базы данных


isbn: 9781119682028

isbn: 0


CLOUD COMPUTING SOLUTIONS The main purpose of this book is to include all the cloud-related technologies in a single platform, so that researchers, academicians, postgraduate students, and those in the industry can easily understand the cloud-based ecosystems. This book discusses the evolution of cloud computing through grid computing and cluster computing. It will help researchers and practitioners to understand grid and distributed computing cloud infrastructure, virtual machines, virtualization, live migration, scheduling techniques, auditing concept, security and privacy, business models, and case studies through the state-of-the-art cloud computing countermeasures. This book covers the spectrum of cloud computing-related technologies and the wide-ranging contents will differentiate this book from others. The topics treated in the book include: The evolution of cloud computing from grid computing, cluster computing, and distributed systems; Covers cloud computing and virtualization environments; Discusses live migration, database, auditing, and applications as part of the materials related to cloud computing; Provides concepts of cloud storage, cloud strategy planning, and management, cloud security, and privacy issues; Explains complex concepts clearly and covers information for advanced users and beginners. Audience The primary audience for the book includes IT, computer science specialists, researchers, graduate students, designers, experts, and engineers who are occupied with research.

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