The Private Equity Toolkit. Tamara Sakovska
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Название: The Private Equity Toolkit

Автор: Tamara Sakovska

Издательство: John Wiley & Sons Limited

Жанр: Ценные бумаги, инвестиции


isbn: 9781119697114

isbn: 0


Master the navigation of private equity deals from sourcing to exit with this comprehensive guide   The Private Equity Toolkit : A Step-by-Step Guide to Getting Deals Done from Sourcing to Exit  offers readers the first complete guide to executing a private equity deal from start to finish. Written by an accomplished professional with twenty years of experience in the private equity space, this book is perfect for current private equity analysts and associates, as well as business students and professionals seeking to enter the private equity field.  This book covers every stage of the private equity process, from sourcing the deal to company exit. It provides a systematic overview of how to:  · Originate attractive investment opportunities;  · Generate superior deal insights;  · Form effective working relationships with management teams;  · Add value on portfolio company boards; and  · Achieve profitable investment exits.  The Private Equity Toolkit  equips its readers with actionable frameworks and proprietary tools that can be applied on a daily basis in the private equity industry. The content found within is designed to be current and helpful for years to come and appeals to a global audience.

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