The Island of Golden Zandolie 3. The Big Eyes’ Dragon. Лилия Кадет
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Название: The Island of Golden Zandolie 3. The Big Eyes’ Dragon

Автор: Лилия Кадет

Издательство: Мультимедийное издательство Стрельбицкого

Жанр: Приключения: прочее

Серия: Остров Золотого Зандоли

isbn: 9780880012034

isbn: 0


“Big Eyes’ Dragon” – so the Indians of the small island called UFOs from time immemorial. Where do aliens come from – from other planets or directly from the depths of the ocean on our planet Earth? This is the third book of “The Island of Golden Zandolie” series, where our heroes continue to discover new worlds … and get to know themselves better too! All illustrations done by the author.

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