Ransomware Protection Playbook. Roger A. Grimes
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Название: Ransomware Protection Playbook

Автор: Roger A. Grimes

Издательство: John Wiley & Sons Limited

Жанр: Зарубежная компьютерная литература


isbn: 9781119849131

isbn: 0


Avoid becoming the next ransomware victim by taking practical steps today  Colonial Pipeline. CWT Global. Brenntag. Travelex. The list of ransomware victims is long, distinguished, and sophisticated. And it’s growing longer every day.  In  Ransomware Protection Playbook , computer security veteran and expert penetration tester Roger A. Grimes delivers an actionable blueprint for organizations seeking a robust defense against one of the most insidious and destructive IT threats currently in the wild. You’ll learn about concrete steps you can take now to protect yourself or your organization from ransomware attacks.  In addition to walking you through the necessary technical preventative measures, this critical book will show you how to:  Quickly detect an attack, limit the damage, and decide whether to pay the ransom Implement a pre-set game plan in the event of a game-changing security breach to help limit the reputational and financial damage Lay down a secure foundation of cybersecurity insurance and legal protection to mitigate the disruption to your life and business A must-read for cyber and information security professionals, privacy leaders, risk managers, and CTOs,  Ransomware Protection Playbook  is an irreplaceable and timely resource for anyone concerned about the security of their, or their organization’s, data.

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