Super English Course – Speak like a native. Alexander Chumakov
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Название: Super English Course – Speak like a native

Автор: Alexander Chumakov

Издательство: Издательские решения

Жанр: Языкознание


isbn: 9785005508911


СКАЧАТЬ h Course – Speak like a native

      Alexander Chumakov

      © Alexander Chumakov, 2021

      ISBN 978-5-0055-0891-1

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      Meet Alex

      Hello everyone! My name is Alexander, but many people call me Alex for short. I am the author of this Super English Course – speak like a native. I am also a good writer and a confident public speaker.

      Everything I do:

      I believe in helping you speak English better.

      I believe that English can be easy and fun.

      I believe that English is beautiful and awesome.

      The way I do it is:

      By teaching you real English.

      By using the best methods for learning and speaking English.

      By inspiring you and motivating you to stay committed to learning English.

      I just happened to make a great English course.

      Wanna do one?

      I have created this Super English Course – speak like a native, because I have a mission to do. My mission is to service people. My mission is to teach you real English doing my best.

      What is Super English Course?

      Super English Course is a platform, where I introduce a brand new way of learning English. The platform where I encourage, inspire and help you to be more successful and happier every time when you need to speak English.

      I want to help you to become a strong, fantastic and confident English speaker. I want you to succeed at English. I want you to speak excellent English.

      Now, I would like to tell you how I can help you speak English easily, confidently, automatically and feel absolutely relaxed at the same time. Now I want you to think of my Super English Course as a key to the door. It is the key to that beautiful door for you to enter the space of real English. I want to help you by giving you the key to that beautiful, fantastic and gorgeous door to the real world of English; the door that leads you to your better understanding, to your better pronunciation and, finally, to your better speaking and of course, to automatic respect from people when you speak English.

      I can help you to speak excellent English because I know what it feels to learn English as a foreign language. I do know what it feels and I do know what it takes to speak English where people around you do not speak English or speak English very little. I know that because I was there. I was like you. I was born in Russia and I grew up in Russia. I myself learned English as a second language. That is why I understand perfectly well your anxiety, your worry and your embarrassment every time when you need to speak English.

      When I was 10 years old, I already wanted to be of help. I already wanted to be a teacher. I did not know what I was going to teach, but one thing I knew for sure was that I wanted to be a teacher. I wanted to serve others.

      And I decided to teach English, one of the most beautiful languages in the world. I went to University. Since that time I became a willing student of English, and I became very much interested in how I could help people to speak excellent English all over the globe.

      Many years have passed since then, I have learned from the best, and I’ve found the method that I am going to share with you in this course. This is the story-telling method – one of the best methods in the world for learning languages.

      I became a teacher of English many years ago. But still I am committed to serving people. Still I am excited and curious about what I am doing. Still I am devoted to my calling – to teach you to speak English easily, confidently and automatically.

      If you let me teach you, and if you let me lead you and guide you through this tough, difficult and meandering process of learning English, together we will certainly take your English to a new level of mastering English. And I promise you will speak English the way you never did before.

With love and respect,Your English teacherAlex

      How to do the course

      Hi, this is Alex. In this audio I am going to tell you how to do my Super English Course, how to use the key better in order to open the beautiful door to real English, the door to your success, freedom and confidence of speaking English freely, powerfully and automatically.

      So how are we going to do this? How are we going to learn? Well, one of the things we have to do is create a daily English ritual. This is your key to the door of free speaking.

      You probably didn’t feel very happy when you were sitting in your English classes. Now you are different and you are going to learn English differently. When you’re learning English with my Super English Course, it’s very important for you to feel happy. It’s important for your body to feel good, for your mind to feel good. It’s crucial for you to emotionally enjoy the process of learning English. Of course, it’s just more fun, you’re going to like it a lot better. But the other benefit is that you actually will learn faster. You’ll improve your grammar faster. You’ll improve your pronunciation faster. You’ll remember vocabulary words better, longer and faster when you feel good. So there’s a very practical reason for doing this, too.

      Just right now, let’s talk a little bit about a daily plan. Something you could do immediately, right now, today, to start improving your success with English by changing your psychology. So here’s a little ritual, a little plan you can follow every day to start improving your English.

      The first thing you want to listen to is the story. So the first thing is listen to the story. And you can read this as well the first time if you cannot understand easily, you can read the transcript and listen at the same time. Do this perhaps two times per day, starting with the main story and reading. Use a dictionary if you need to – to look up new words.

      Next, listen to the vocabulary. So in the vocabulary again I will discuss the meanings of some of the difficult words that I used. I want you to imagine a bridge. This is what the vocabulary actually is. It is like a bridge to your better understanding and to eventually your better speaking. It is something that liberates you from the main talk. It is something that makes you free and helps you finally become a confident English speaker. The vocabulary lesson gives you that freedom of choice we all want to have when we speak. And again, you can read the transcript of that vocabulary lesson. There’s always a transcript you can read if you can’t understand my speaking, if I’m too fast, then read at the same time. It’s okay.

      Next, you’ll listen to the mini-story and the mini-story is the most important lesson. The mini-story is designed for deep learning. In the mini-story I am going to ask a lot of very easy questions while I tell a story. In fact, I really ask the story, I don’t tell the story. Why am I doing this? Students ask me “Why are the questions so easy?” Well, the questions are supposed to be easy because I want you to answer fast and automatically. I want you to train your brain, teach your brain to answer very quickly.

      I don’t СКАЧАТЬ