Growing the Top Line. Cliff Farrah
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Название: Growing the Top Line

Автор: Cliff Farrah

Издательство: John Wiley & Sons Limited

Жанр: О бизнесе популярно


isbn: 9781119779186


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      Table of Contents

      1  Cover

      2  Title Page

      3  Copyright

      4  Dedication

      5  Introduction Growth Strategy: What It Is and Why Companies Fail at It

      6  Chapter 1: The Growth Matrix and the Four Key Questions Customers Goods and Services The Revenue Matrix The Four Key Questions: Customers

      7  Chapter 2: Which CUSTOMERS Will I Serve?

      8  Chapter 3: Which GEOGRAPHIES AND LOCATIONS Will I Serve? Notes

      9  Chapter 4: What GOODS AND SERVICES Will I Sell? Note

      10  Chapter 5: What BUSINESS MODEL Will I Use?

      11  Chapter 6: The Growth Framework: The 16 Ways a Company Can Grow Growth Pathways Defined Some Examples to Consider Notes

      12  Chapter 7: The Process Overview: How to Build a Growth Strategy

      13  Chapter 8: Creating the Team The Three Critical Groups On Trusting Your Gut Necessary Grit

      14  Chapter 9: Defining Business Objectives Financial Objectives Timing Objectives Value Rules of Engagement Strategic Objectives

      15  Chapter 10: Internal Assessment Who You Are What Are Your Corporate Values? Can You Pursue Inorganic Growth? How Flexible Is Your Business Model?

      16  Chapter 11: External Assessment Political Factors Economic Factors Customer Analysis Customer Acquisition Models – or How Clients Buy Competitor Assessment

      17  Chapter 12: Select Growth Pathways Step 1: Pre‐distribute the Four Key Questions Worksheet Step 2: Bottom‐Up Growth Framework Drill Step 3: Share the Results Principles of Use

      18  Chapter 13: Select Strategies Strategy Development Classics to Consider

      19  Chapter 14: Model Returns Model Revenues Model Direct Costs Assessing the Outcome Iterative Loop

      20  Chapter 15: Map Strategy to a Timeline Harmonograms Disruption of Existing Initiatives Hiring Needs Flawed Financial Modeling Once You Complete This Step, You Have Finished!

      21  Chapter 16: Navigating in a Storm: Growth in a COVID World Your Existing Assumptions Are Likely Wrong You Probably Don’t Know How to Talk to Your Customer Anymore СКАЧАТЬ