The Lock keeper of Kiev. Larry B. Ritter
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Название: The Lock keeper of Kiev

Автор: Larry B. Ritter

Издательство: Автор

Жанр: Контркультура


isbn: 9783962298463

isbn: 0


Out of Larry Ritter‘s series of crime stories in the world of very big business, threeof them focus on the financial war going on between the West and Russia in the context of the Ukraine.
This first volume deals with the sudden power a Geneva-based banker of a huge US bank has to apply in un-freezing the funds of the Ukrainian oligarchs. Unknowingly he plays destiny for many in this tortured country:
Trying to do his best for the population, he becomes part of the power game the international finance world is playing in this crisis. Like a lock keeper he opens up or closes the stream of money into an economy brought down after decades of corruption.

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