Dental Resins - Material Science & Technology. Ralf Janda
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Название: Dental Resins - Material Science & Technology

Автор: Ralf Janda

Издательство: Readbox publishing GmbH

Жанр: Журналы

Серия: Dental Resins Material Science & Technology

isbn: 9783347287846

isbn: 0


Resin materials are broadly used in dentistry for almost all indications and they will gain even more importance in future. Especially the increasing performance and efficiency of the CAD/CAM technology and 3D-printing open possibilities to use resins not used up to now in dentistry. Besides of dentists, dental students or dental technicians there are many other specialists such as researchers, material scientists, industrial developers or experts of adjoining professional disciplines who are technically engaged in dental resins. The idea of this ebook series is to present a three-level textbook consisting of Basic Level, Advanced Level and Expert Level versions dealing with material science and technology of dental resins. Every level significantly expands the information and knowledge given by the respective preceding version. This book presents the Basic Level version. The Basic Level version especially addresses dentists, dental students, dental technicians, university teachers and all those who want to gain an overview about dental resins such as industrial developers or researchers of adjoining professional disciplines. The Basic Level gives a comprehensive insight into chemistry, physics, toxicology, material properties and compositions as well as the technical applications of dental resins.

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