The Case and the Girl. Randall Parrish
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Название: The Case and the Girl

Автор: Randall Parrish

Издательство: Ingram

Жанр: Триллеры


isbn: 9781456615567

isbn: 0


West, still attired in khaki uniform, but wearing the red chevron of honourable discharge on his left sleeve, sat in the Club writing room, his feet comfortably elevated, endeavouring to extract some entertainment from the evening paper. The news was not particularly interesting, however, and finally, obsessed with the feeling that it would soon be time for him to seriously contemplate the procuring of suitable employment, the young man turned the sheet about rather idly, and ran his eyes down the columns devoted to classified advertising.<br><br>Half way down the first column, under the head of &quot;miscellaneous,&quot; he paused and read a paragraph with some interest; then read it over again, emitting a soft whistle between his teeth.<br><br>&quot;Well, by Jove!&quot; he said to himself slowly, &quot;That doesn&#39;t sound so bad either; out of the ordinary, at least. Say, Thompson,&quot; and he turned to a tall young fellow busily writing at the adjoining desk, and shoved the paper under his eyes,…

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