Investing For Dummies. Eric Tyson
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Название: Investing For Dummies

Автор: Eric Tyson

Издательство: John Wiley & Sons Limited

Жанр: Личные финансы


isbn: 9781119716518


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      9  Part 5: Investing Resources Chapter 16: Selecting Investing Resources Wisely Dealing with Information Overload Separating Financial Fact from Fiction Chapter 17: From Print to Podcast to Programs: Making Your Way through Various Financial Mediums In Print: Magazines and Newspapers Broadcasting Hype: Radio, Podcasts, and Television Programs Fillers and Fluff: Being Wary of Investment Newsletters Chapter 18: Selecting the Best Investment Books Being Wary of Infomercial Books Ignoring Unaudited Performance Claims Investing Books Worth Reading Chapter 19: Investigating Internet and Software Resources Evaluating Investment Software Investigating Internet Resources

      10  Part 6: The Part of Tens Chapter 20: Ten Investing Obstacles to Conquer Trusting Authority Getting Swept Up by Euphoria Being Overconfident Giving Up When Things Look Bleak Refusing to Accept a Loss Overmonitoring Your Investments Being Unclear about Your Goals Ignoring Important Financial Problems Overemphasizing Certain Risks Believing in Gurus Chapter 21: Ten Things to Weigh When Considering an Investment Sale Remembering Preferences and Goals Maintaining Balance in Your Portfolio Deciding Which Ones Are Keepers Tuning In to the Tax Consequences Figuring Out What Shares Cost Selling Investments with Hefty Profits Cutting Your (Securities) Losses Dealing with Unknown Costs Recognizing Broker Differences Finding a Trustworthy Financial Advisor Chapter 22: Ten Tips for Investing in a Down Stock Market Don’t Panic Keep Your Portfolio’s Perspective in Mind View Major Declines as Sales Identify Your Portfolio’s Problems Avoid Growth Stocks If You Get Queasy Easily Tune Out Negative, Hyped Media Ignore Large Point Declines but Consider the Percentages Don’t Believe You Need a Rich Dad to Be a Successful Investor Understand the Financial Markets Talk to People Who Care about You

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      List of Tables

      1 Chapter 2TABLE 2-1 Largest U.S. Stock Market Declines*TABLE 2-2 Inflation’s Corrosive Effect on Your Money’s Purchasing Power

      2 Chapter 3TABLE 3-1 2020 Federal Income Tax Rates

      3 Chapter 5TABLE 5-1 Why You’re Buying Your Own StocksTABLE 5-2 Stock Bargains in the Mid-1970sTABLE 5-3 More Stock Bargains in the Late 1970s and Early 1980s

      4 Chapter 8TABLE 8-1 Asset Allocation for the Long Haul

      List of Illustrations

      1 Chapter 2FIGURE 2-1: What are the odds of making or losing money in the U.S. markets? In...FIGURE 2-2: The longer you hold stocks, the more likely you are to make money. FIGURE 2-3: Even the bull market of the 1990s wasn’t kind to every company. FIGURE 2-4: A historical view of bond performance: Inflation has eroded bond re...FIGURE 2-5: History shows that stocks have been a consistent long-term winner. FIGURE 2-6: Plenty of investing opportunities exist outside the United States.

      2 Chapter 6FIGURE 6-1: Value СКАЧАТЬ