The Cradle Conspiracy. Robin Perini
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Название: The Cradle Conspiracy

Автор: Robin Perini

Издательство: HarperCollins

Жанр: Зарубежные детективы




СКАЧАТЬ ignored the voice mails and stared once more at Raven lying on the bed. Who was she really? What was her name? Who wanted her dead?

      He put in a call to Galloway’s office requesting a list of missing persons reported in Texas and New Mexico. Galloway, apparently a man of his word, sent Daniel the information quickly to his phone. After a quick review of the small number of cases and watching the room’s TV for any updates, he let out a sigh.

      Nothing. The local television story on Raven hadn’t hit the national news or even the big affiliates. At this point Daniel wished it had. Since the person who had buried Raven in that mine knew she was still alive, they were playing against time. More extensive news coverage might give them her name.

      His gaze swept Raven’s still body. How could no one be missing her? Then again, maybe she was a loner. Some people didn’t reach out, didn’t create spheres of friends. Some people were totally on their own. Might be nice on occasion. Daniel had tried to disappear, and no one would let him.

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