Undercover Princess. Suzanne Brockmann
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Название: Undercover Princess

Автор: Suzanne Brockmann

Издательство: HarperCollins

Жанр: Зарубежные детективы




СКАЧАТЬ very affectionate.”

      “Well,” Kathy said, “if that’s something—as a family—that you’re not particularly happy with, then it might serve you well to figure out a way to change. Air kisses certainly serve their purpose, but they shouldn’t be for family.” She pushed open the kitchen door and leaned out into the hallway. “Doug! Even if you’ve cleaned them one at a time, you’ve got to be done with your teeth by now. Hurry, or we’ll be late.”

      Trey finished his coffee as he watched Kathy hustle his son out the door.

      “See you tonight,” she called to him, polite to the bitter end.

      Maybe Kathy could teach them all how to hug. The thought was remarkably appealing but completely absurd. It was more than likely they were all beyond hope.

      But then Trey remembered. This very morning, after Kathy had been here less than one day, Stacy had smiled and Doug had spoken.

      His new nanny was a miracle worker. If anyone could achieve the impossible, it would be Kathy Wind.

      The light was on in Trey’s tower office.

      Katherine could see it from the arched windows that looked out onto the center courtyard as she gently closed the door to Dougie’s bedroom.

      Doug was, without a doubt, the least talkative child she’d ever met. Besides his two words at breakfast, she’d gotten one “yes” and two “no, thank yous” out of him all day. But he’d handed her a pile of books to read as bedtime stories—all about dogs, of course.

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