The Rebel. Adrienne Giordano
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Название: The Rebel

Автор: Adrienne Giordano

Издательство: HarperCollins

Жанр: Современные любовные романы




СКАЧАТЬ might as well use it until I can move in.” He waved his hand at the building. “This’ll get straightened out in a few days and you can move back here. No problem.” He inched closer and grabbed both her hands. “We’ve got this. We’ll load as much as we can and take it over to the condo.”

      The idea might not be a bad one. It might, in fact, be a short-term solution. “We can use my car also.”

      “Good. Then we’ll get you set up in a hotel for the night. Is that a plan?”

      “David Hennings, I could love you.”

      He threw his hands up, grinning at her. “Let’s not get crazy now or you might be stuck with me.”

      At the moment, as she thought about every minute she’d spent with this man since he’d walked into her studio earlier that day, being stuck with him might not be a bad thing. She grabbed hold of his jacket, the leather Belstaff she loved so much, and dragged him closer. Going up on tiptoes, she kissed him. And it wasn’t one those tentative let’s-test-this kisses where they sort of eased into it. This one left nothing on the table. Tongues were involved.

      And she’d started it. Total insanity.

      But he certainly wasn’t rejecting her. He made it worth her while by wrapping his arm around her and pulling her right up against him. A few seconds later a bulge at his crotch area announced itself in a truly obvious way, and her heart slammed. What he wanted couldn’t have been clearer. No doubt. At all.

      “Dude,” a guy passing by said. “Lucky dog.”

      David pulled back and his amazing lips tilted into a wicked grin. “Dude,” he said, “don’t I know it?”

      * * *

      DAVID SET THE last box of supplies they’d taken from Amanda’s in his extra bedroom and did a quick survey of the place. The walls were still unpainted and the drywall dust left a weird coating on the floors. For what she needed, it would do. If the dust didn’t give her an asthma attack. “We’ll run out tonight and get you a couple of tables to set up. It won’t be perfect, but this is triage.”

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