In His Wife's Name. Joyce Sullivan
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Название: In His Wife's Name

Автор: Joyce Sullivan

Издательство: HarperCollins

Жанр: Зарубежные детективы





      “Thank you, Luke. You rescued me today in more ways than one.”

      For several seconds Luke’s thoughts scattered at the sensation Mary’s hand created in his. Soft. Her hand felt so soft and delicately feminine. So…


      That was the only term Luke would allow himself to describe his intense reaction to her touch.

      As Mary climbed into her truck and drove off with a smile and a wave, Luke couldn’t help wondering what he was walking into and how it might be connected to his wife’s murder. Mary’s truck’s punctured tire had his gut shrieking warnings that something wasn’t right. Whether Mary was an impostor or not, Luke was afraid for her and her daughter.

      This Mary Calder, whoever she was, had an enemy.

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      In His Wife’s Name

      Joyce Sullivan


      Joyce Sullivan credits her lawyer mother with instilling in her a love of reading and writing—and a fascination for solving mysteries. She has a bachelor’s degree in criminal justice and worked several years as a private investigator before turning her hand to writing romantic suspense. A transplanted American, Joyce makes her home in Aylmer, Quebec, with her handsome French-Canadian husband and two case-book-toting kid detectives.

      Books by Joyce Sullivan






      571—URGENT VOWS

      631—IN HIS WIFE’S NAME


      Mary Calder—What really happened the night this beautiful public relations consultant was murdered? Luke Calder—He was determined to discover who had killed his wife.

      Shannon Mulligan—Mary Calder’s name gave her a new identity and an escape from her past.

      Rob Barrie—He wouldn’t rest until he and Shannon were man and wife…again.

      Dylan White—What would this teen do to protect his mother’s income?

      Glorie—The burglary in her gift shop was most puzzling.

      Bill Oakes—What could the resort caretaker tell Luke about the woman who called herself Mary Calder?

      To Mom and Dad,

       My first heroine and hero, who taught me the meaning of family and commitment and unfailing support.


      My sincere thanks to criminologist T. Lorraine Vassalo

       and family lawyer Marci Lin Melvin, B.A., LL.B., for patiently answering my questions about the Canadian legal system. And to fraud detective Paul Heagle, Ottawa-Carleton Regional Police Services (retired), for explaining how the men and women in blue get the job done. Without you, this story would never have been more than an idea on a piece of paper.

      Thanks also to the following for helping me get the

       details right: Jackie Oakley, Ottawa-Carleton Regional Police Services; Dr. Stephen W. Maclean; Nina Fast, R.N.; Deborah Sarty; Pat and Linda Poitevin; and Kay Gregory. Any mistakes are my own.

      Last but not least, a heartfelt hug to Judy McAnerin

       for her exceptional plot analysis skills!



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