The Italian Reset Diet. Dario Polisano
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Название: The Italian Reset Diet

Автор: Dario Polisano

Издательство: Tektime S.r.l.s.

Жанр: Медицина


isbn: 9788835411260

isbn: 0


In this book, Dr. Dario Polisano will give you the answers that no one has ever given you regarding food and nutrition. He will explain how to achieve psycho-physical well-being, resetting and detoxifying your body, followed by a gradual reintroduction of the allowed foods. You can finally lose all excess weight in a quick and healthy fashion. Most people know the relationship between diet and health, and many among them already understand that gluten, dairy products, and sugars (among other things) are harmful to one's well-being. And yet, all too often, when we go into specifics trying to reach an explanation about the real reasons and the real harmful effects of these foods, we find ourselves without answers. In this book you will find the answers you have been looking for for some timeclear answers, expressed with simple but thorough explanations, and all based on scientific evidence. The answers that nobody has ever given you. You will also discover what the true Mediterranean diet entails, and learn how to follow it to improve your health. You will understand the reasons why certain illnesses arise, but above all, how to intervene in order to reset your body will be explained to you, through a targeted food program which will allow you to come into your best physical shape. For those who want to lose weight quickly, healthily and permanently, this is the book for you! Those who do not need to lose weight, but who live with more or less serious health problems will also find this book very useful. Dr. Dario Polisano is a biologist-nutritionist with degrees in ”Pharmaceutical Science Applied to Health Products” and ”Food Science and Human Nutrition.” He is an expert in clinical nutrition, and he is registered in the Honor Roll of Nutritionists. Today he continuously updates his course of study; in fact, he is now completing a master's degree in naturopathy and has achieved countless advanced courses on nutrition and on food integrators for cancer patients. After radically changing how he eats, and solving the countless health problems that had plagued him for years, he decided to help others by spreading his diet method, which he developed after long years of study. Dr. Dario Polisano affirms that we must not suppress the symptoms of our body, but rather interpret them and take action on the biological mechanisms that caused them.

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