The Owner's Manual for Small Business. Rhonda Abrams
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Название: The Owner's Manual for Small Business

Автор: Rhonda Abrams

Издательство: Ingram

Жанр: Малый бизнес


isbn: 9781933895734

isbn: 0


Hiring a business consultant can be prohibitively expensive and lead to unpredictable results. A better investment is The Owner's Manual for Small Business. Best-selling business author and syndicated columnist Rhonda Abrams shares her proven money-making, customer-pleasing, employee-motivating, competition-defeating tips and tricks that business owners can immediately put into practice. The book contains information, research, and advice on everything from starting a business to low-cost marketing techniques, with individual chapters such as 11 Secrets to Staying in Business, A Field Guide to Difficult Customers, Developing Your Strategic Position, Getting the Most from Employees, and much more. With The Owner’s Manual for Small Business , Rhonda Abrams offers a single must-have reference for those who already have a small business or anyone dreaming of starting one. From the Publisher Your car came with one. Your DVD player came with one. Even your toaster came with one. But the single most costly, complicated thing you own—your business—came with nothing more than a stack of business cards and a dream. Now, Rhonda Abrams has developed The Owner's Manual for Small Business. Packed with information, research, and advice on everything from low-cost marketing techniques to growing your business to handling paperwork.

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