Non-Noble Metal Catalysis. Molecular Approaches and Reactions. Marc-Etienne Moret
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Название: Non-Noble Metal Catalysis. Molecular Approaches and Reactions

Автор: Marc-Etienne Moret

Издательство: John Wiley & Sons Limited

Жанр: Техническая литература


isbn: 9783527699117

isbn: 0


This up-to-date review of this expanding field features conceptual chapters that provide readers with an overview of the specific principles and tools used in the development of molecular non-noble metal catalysts, such as the use of cooperative/redox non-innocent ligands, computational methods, and proton-coupled electron transfer (PCET) reactions. Reaction-specific chapters then typically focus on the use of non-noble metal catalysts in general or of one specific base metal for a specific reaction or highly related set of reactions. A must-have for researchers in the field of homogeneous catalysis and molecular synthesis, both in academia and in industry.

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