Articulations of Capital. Global Production Networks and Regional Transformations. John Pickles
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Название: Articulations of Capital. Global Production Networks and Regional Transformations

Автор: John Pickles

Издательство: John Wiley & Sons Limited

Жанр: Социология


isbn: 9781118632895

isbn: 0


Articulations of Capital offers an accessible, grounded, yet theoretically-sophisticated account of the geographies of global production networks, value chains, and regional development in post-socialist Eastern and Central Europe. Proposes a new theorization of global value chains as part of a conjunctural economic geography Develops a set of conceptual and theoretical arguments concerning the regional embeddedness of global production Draws on longitudinal empirical research from over 20 years in the Bulgarian and Slovakian apparel industries Makes a major intervention into the debate over the economic geographies of European integration and EU enlargement

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