Broomstick Breakdown-Eve Langlais

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После - Анна Тодд
После тебя - Джоджо Мойес
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Прекрасная стерва (ЛП) - Кристина Лорен
Колибри (СИ) - Диана Килина
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Holiday Kink - Eve Langlais
Broomstick Breakdown - Eve Langlais
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Accidental Abduction - Eve Langlais
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Hybrid Misfit - Eve Langlais
Scared of Spiders - Eve Langlais
Шалый малый - Екатерина Вильмонт
Jealous Freakn’ - Eve Langlais

Описание произведения:
Название: Broomstick Breakdown-Eve Langlais

Автор: Eve Langlais,

Жанр: Современные любовные романы,

Серия: ,

Издательство : ,

Язык: en

With the factions they belong to discouraging mixed species mating, will they find love like fate intended? Aidan is more than just a sexy driver though. As a wolf shapeshifter, magic doesn’t affect him, but he’s not immune to the powerful draw of his true mate. Mating should be simple, but he didn’t count on a stubborn witch making abduction his only option. Sophia is on her way to her first Halloween gathering for witches when her broomstick breaks down. Luckily, she lands at a garage where a hunky mechanic, after a spell of persuasion, agrees to act as chauffeur. Fate works in mysterious ways.
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